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Supplier Intelligence

Should You Work with Suppliers without Diversity Certifications?

In our 2017 State of Supplier Diversity Report — Diverse Suppliers, one particular finding stood out: Ninety percent of minority-owned businesses (MBEs) and 90 percent of woman-owned businesses (WBEs) that responded to the survey are certified as such by appropriate certification agencies. 

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Minority-Owned Businesses: 7 Insights About Their Roles Within Supplier Diversity

Minority-owned business enterprises are crucial to supplier diversity initiatives as well as the overall corporate landscape and the American economy. The opinions of key stakeholders at MBEs are of great interest to us at CVM Solutions, so we set out to learn out more about them. And what we learned was truly insightful.

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The Power of Women-Owned Business Enterprises within the Supplier Diversity Space

Women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) are a powerful force not just in the supplier diversity space, but also throughout the American economy. At CVM Solutions, we wanted to learn more about what is driving WBEs in 2017—what makes them tick, what challenges they face, and what they expect in the future. So, we came up with a novel idea to find out this information: We asked them.

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How to Become a Diverse Supplier to Fortune 500 Companies

As a diverse business owner, you have goals for growing and developing your company, and becoming a diverse supplier to a Fortune 500 company is probably on your list. You have the product/service, you know you can meet a need, but how do you get the opportunity to pitch to the big corporations, let alone become a supplier?

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4 Advantages to Having a Supplier Portal

Managing a supplier database can be a never-ending routine of mind-numbing data entry, verification follow-ups, and frustrating inaccuracies that can lead to unnecessary risks and oversights. Or it can be a painless, streamlined, automated process that provides up-to-date, accurate information at your fingertips and that strengthens your supply chain. What's the difference between these experiences? A customized supplier portal.

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For over a decade CVM's mission has remained unchanged: lead the transformation of Supplier Diversity program management and support Supplier Diversity programs. CVM helps corporate supplier diversity programs in every stage of their evolution; from those that are just getting started, to the most advanced, world-class programs. Equipped with unparalleled data intelligence, superior technology and expertise guidance, businesses can effectively establish and advance their Supplier Diversity initiatives.