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CVM Supplier Diversity Blog

Customer Spotlight: Ford Motor Company Part 1

Ford Motor Company has a long history of commitment to supplier diversity. The company launched its supplier diversity initiative 1968, and currently includes diverse businesses owned and operated by minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ, disabled, and small business owners. 

Ford spent $11.1 billion with diverse suppliers and small businesses in 2019, the most of any automotive OEM, relying on these suppliers to bring creative solutions to the table. These diverse businesses are crucial to the company’s competitive advantage. 

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Diverse Supplier Spotlight: Crooked Water Spirits

Four years ago, Heather Manley was struck with inspiration. Sipping on a beautiful local craft spirit, she realized there was a significant difference between micro vs macro spirits. Comparing this difference to a tomato out of the garden vs out of the store, she realized there was a market for innovative craft spirits. Thus, in 2013 Crooked Water Spirits (CWS) was born.

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An Inspiring Story: A Diverse Supplier Spotlight

How many times have you ended a conversation with a small or diverse business and been astounded at their unique path to success and at the stories they've collect along the way?

At CVM Solutions, it occurs almost every week.

Through speaking with hundreds, if not thousands, of diverse suppliers over the years, one thing is for sure: that astonishment still hasn't been lost.

In this edition of 'Diverse Supplier Spotlight', we interviewed Bob Kelly Sr., of KellyREST Brand Products, a Native American- and Small Disadvantaged-owned business. In this interview-style article, we're going to share with you Bob's amazing stories in his own words, along with how he became a supplier for some of the largest corporations in America.

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Thought Leadership in Supplier Diversity: a ZippyDogs Spotlight

Seattle-based ZippyDogs is a woman-owned, LGBT-owned small business offering cost-effective incentive ideas and brand-touting promotional products. Spouses and co-owners Elise Lindborg and Kelli Henderson are promo experts with 45 years of combined experience in delivering people-pleasing, off-the-leash solutions.

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Diverse Supplier Spotlight: Women Business Owners

In the annals of U.S. business and commerce, there probably has been no better time for a woman to own a business.

Women-owned businesses are diverse businesses, and there surely are challenges, such as raising capital for growth or even receiving accolades for their economic contributions and leadership abilities. Often, the road for women owners and executives is one that is often rocky with obstacles. A recent Harvard Business Review article, for instance, goes into how women are judged more harshly than men in business and other professions. But WBEs are powerful among the supplier diversity landscape. 

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