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CVM Solutions Partners with MBE to Finalize Development of New Supplier Diversity Tier 2 Reporting Platform

New Tier 2 Platform to be released in 2015

Westchester, IL – March 12, 2015 – CVM Solutions, a Kroll Company, and the premier provider of supplier diversity technology, supplier data and managed services, announces their partnership with minority-owned business, Genzeon, a technology solutions company, to finalize development of their newTier 2 Reporting platform.

Currently, CVM hosts Tier 2 Solutions for over 100 of the Fortune 500.  This new Tier 2 supplier diversity reporting platform is scheduled for release later this year.  The new platform will have cutting edge usability and a broader feature set than the current platform including uniform capabilities with all operating systems, mobile device configurability, improved user experience and enhanced functionality.

“At CVM, Supplier Diversity is at the core of who we are, we’re passionate about the role we play enabling the Supplier Diversity community to achieve and exceed their program goals.  This project will revolutionize the user experience, and represents the foundation for reengineering our entire suite,” states Brendan Taylor, managing director of CVM Solutions, “Quality means investment: time and money, and our confidence couldn’t be higher with a seven figure sum secured from Kroll for this project alone. We were very thoughtful in our selection for a partner and I’m seeing firsthand the excitement and momentum building as our in-house industry experts collaborate with the stellar team at Genzeon.  This really is a living example of why Supplier Diversity works.”

About CVM

CVM Solutions, a Kroll Company, is the premier provider of global supplier data and supplier diversity solutions. CVM delivers data, services and technology needed to manage supplier data, and advance Supplier Diversity initiatives to achieve corporate sourcing objectives.  As a Data Aggregator and Data Originator for Tier 1 and Tier 2, CVM has partnered with more than half of the Fortune 100 and half of the Billion Dollar Roundtable members to leverage and consolidate supplier information enabling our clients to increase their supplier diversity results and take their programs to the next level.


About Genzeon

Genzeon, a technology solutions company, characterizes an industrious people and their technological and scientific resources that exist within this 'Generation (Gen) Z' that we live in, and lays out a path, a direction, a process by which we progress, all things together, people and technology, into the next eon (future).  A company that tasks itself in identifying, building and executing new paradigms of excellence through inspired human capital and articulate and facile processes.


Press Contact:
Jessica Hill
Director of Marketing, CVM Solutions

Topics: Tier 2 Diverse Spend & Reporting