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John Suarez

John Suarez is the Marketing Manager at CVM Solutions where he is in charge of the marketing strategy, including content creation, branding, advertising, website management, user acquisition, and public relations. He has dual degrees in Marketing and Business Management from Illinois State University.

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How Data Enrichment Can Help You Build Better Shareholder Value

We rely on data to make hundreds of business decisions every day, ranging from the seemingly inconsequential to the potentially monumental. The sum of these decisions can be the difference between success and failure. But too often we are working with incomplete, inconsistent, or even incorrect data from which few, if any, actionable insights can be discovered. Our shareholders rely on us to make the best possible decisions. We need accurate, up-to-date information to select the best choice and bring the most value.

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4 Ways Industries Without a Strong Supplier Diversity Presence Can Catch Up

Corporate America is increasingly recognizing the value of diverse suppliers, from the way they help drive innovation and competitiveness to their powerful impact on the economy and customer approval.

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Diverse Suppliers: These 5 Steps Can Help You Stand Out

How do you stand out in a crowd of diverse suppliers? You're all vying for the same contracts and opportunities, so how can you get your firm noticed?

The key is to make it easy for supplier diversity professionals to find you when they need you, and then demonstrate how you can add value to the supply chain.

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Are You Ready for a Diverse Certification?

For diverse suppliers looking to partner with more big companies, diverse certification can’t be beat. 

In our 2018 State of Supplier Diversity reports, 92 percent of the minority-owned businesses that participated in the survey stated they were formally certified as such. Moreover, 87 percent of women-owned businesses, 94 percent of small businesses, and 92 percent of LGBTQ businesses answered yes when asked if they were certified. Although our survey tends to draw organizations active in the supplier diversity community, the numbers still tell a story: Diverse certifications matter.

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Don’t Do This When Meeting Supplier Diversity Professionals

Are you meeting with a supplier diversity manager from your dream company? Supplier diversity professionals can be your advocates within their companies, so their opinion of you matters.

Let's walk through some common mistakes business owners make when meeting supplier diversity professionals and what you should do instead.

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For over a decade CVM's mission has remained unchanged: lead the transformation of Supplier Diversity program management and support Supplier Diversity programs. CVM helps corporate supplier diversity programs in every stage of their evolution; from those that are just getting started, to the most advanced, world-class programs. Equipped with unparalleled data intelligence, superior technology and expertise guidance, businesses can effectively establish and advance their Supplier Diversity initiatives.