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Supplier Intelligence

A Quick Guide to Small Business Size Standards [2018 Update]

The definition of a small business enterprise is a fluid one, changing based on ever-shifting market conditions. This is important because of the various benefits afforded to businesses that are classified as small. As such, less-than-large businesses need to stay current on small business size standards, as do supplier diversity programs that want to keep accurate supplier data.

In this article, we answer common questions faced by small business owners as well as the new size standards.

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What Is a Diverse Supplier Development Program?

A goal of supplier diversity programs is to provide opportunities to businesses that might otherwise be shut out of contracting with big companies. Naturally, the more successful the diverse supplier, the more of a benefit it will deliver to the contracting company. 

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An Inspiring Story: A Diverse Supplier Spotlight

How many times have you ended a conversation with a small or diverse business and been astounded at their unique path to success and at the stories they've collect along the way?

At CVM Solutions, it occurs almost every week.

Through speaking with hundreds, if not thousands, of diverse suppliers over the years, one thing is for sure: that astonishment still hasn't been lost.

In this edition of 'Diverse Supplier Spotlight', we interviewed Bob Kelly Sr., of KellyREST Brand Products, a Native American- and Small Disadvantaged-owned business. In this interview-style article, we're going to share with you Bob's amazing stories in his own words, along with how he became a supplier for some of the largest corporations in America.

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Does Supplier Diversity Help Satisfy Customers' Needs?

As supplier diversity professionals, we focus a lot on the B2B aspect of our work.

Identifying potential diverse suppliers, implementing supplier development initiatives to build a strong, sustainable, diversified supply chain—these are worthy pursuits, but let's not forget the other reason working with diverse suppliers is good for business: the consumer. 

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Do Fortune 500 Companies Only Use Diverse Suppliers?

Have you ever been asked the question: Are corporations limiting their supply chain to only diverse suppliers?

If you're reading this, then interacting and engaging with diverse suppliers is probably a part of your job description.

We supplier diversity professionals spend a lot of time talking about, thinking about, and working with minority and underrepresented businesses.

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For over a decade CVM's mission has remained unchanged: lead the transformation of Supplier Diversity program management and support Supplier Diversity programs. CVM helps corporate supplier diversity programs in every stage of their evolution; from those that are just getting started, to the most advanced, world-class programs. Equipped with unparalleled data intelligence, superior technology and expertise guidance, businesses can effectively establish and advance their Supplier Diversity initiatives.