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4 Supplier Diversity Best Practices You’re Not Following

Let's talk about why your supplier diversity program is underperforming.

You want to diversify your supplier base. You create a position for a supplier diversity manager and hire someone with the appropriate qualifications. You step back and let your new supplier diversity professional get to work. The results are underwhelming. Why? Because just like you wouldn't expect to undertake a long road trip without directions to your destination, no matter how passionate you are about supplier diversity, if you're not following best practices, your efforts will be ineffective:

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When Supplier Diversity Meets the Super Bowl

Well, somehow they've done it again: Tom Brady and the Patriots won another Super Bowl Title. Whether you're happy, sad, or indifferent, we can all agree Super Bowl LI was nothing short of spectacular. Since the Patriots have left Houston with a shiny new trophy, hundreds of local diverse businesses concluded the NFL postseason with a boost in their business. These diverse suppliers were able to benefit from one of the world's most popular events thanks to an NFL initiative called the Business Connect Program.

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What Black History Month Means for Supplier Diversity

February is Black History Month in the U.S. and Canada. Throughout the month, we celebrate achievements by black Americans through cultural and institutional programs: Schools focus curriculum on the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. The NAACP Image Awards recognize current achievements in the arts. Articles pop up with advice on how to learn more about black history, heritage, culture, and how to support black-owned businesses and non-profits.

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How Do You Assess the Impact of Your Supplier Diversity Program?

What makes for an impactful and effective corporate supplier diversity program?

That is a question surely keeping professional supplier diversity practitioners up at night. Key to getting the right answer—one that offers insight and opportunity on your supplier diversity efforts—lies in the critical area of assessing the impact of your program.

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6 Great Resources for Asian-American-Owned Small Business Enterprises

Asian-American business owners can take advantage of a number of resources to help propel their small business enterprises, including in both the public and private sectors.

An obvious starting point is to consider the resources available through the U.S. government, notably the U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency. These two agencies were created to serve small and minority-owned firms, and Asian-American businesses fall within these categories. The help that is available from these agencies runs the gamut from financing and access to capital, business planning, networking, and mentoring.

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